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 2018 / 2019 PlayPasses On Sale Now!

Early Bird Pricing until May 31, 2018 

    $145 Adult         |           $115 Students  / Seniors                        



Created & Performed by Michael Hughes         

As a young boy, Michael Hughes was obsessed with musicals, and liked to dress in women’s clothing. His parents, confused by his behavior and determined to cure him, sent him to the Clark Institute in Toronto. Mickey & Judy offers a wildly funny and touching account of Michael’s real-life journey from the psychiatric ward to Off-Broadway. With a score that spans from Broadway classics to the best of the Judy Garland songbook, this inspiring cabaret show will have you laughing, crying, and singing along like no one is listening.


OCTOBER 22 - NOVEMBER 10, 2018

By Emily Dallas, Directed by Valmai Goggin  Musical Direction by Joe Slabe

In 2002, Sam and Amy lose their father to the war in Afghanistan. Determined to follow his legacy and do their father proud, the sisters enlist, and support each other through the joys and hardships of military training. As the two girls advance, their individual journeys take a very different course. Will their friendship survive? At what cost?
Taking its inspiration from the life of Sandra Perron, Canada’s first female infantry officer, this beautiful new Remembrance musical examines the life of women in power and the sacrifices that must be made.



Adapted by Joe Landry                                  Directed by Craig Hall                         

Back by popular demand! Come with us back to Bedford Falls. It is Christmas Eve and the unimaginable has happened. George Bailey is on the edge of ruin; thousands of dollars are lost and with seemingly no way to save the old Bailey Savings & Loan, George wonders if the world would be better off had he never lived. With the help of a rookie angel and a cast of charming characters, It’s A Wonderful Life reminds us that we are each precious and important.
Conceived as a live 1940s radio broadcast, this classic holiday story of love and redemption will be brought to life on our stage by our Betty Mitchell Award-winning ensemble.


JANUARY 14 - 26, 2019

Created & Performed by Mark Kunji Ikdea     

On December 7 1941, an attack on Pearl Harbour triggered events in Canada that are among the darkest in our history – the internment and dispossession of tens of thousands of Japanese Canadians. 
Through an engaging blend of dance, spoken word, and loads of humour, Mark Ikeda weaves a tale that is both illuminating and profoundly personal. Sansei: The Storyteller offers Ikeda’s observations about the internment, his own discovery of where he came from, and how Japanese Canadians found peace. This award-winning play has toured across Canada and we are thrilled to present it with One Yellow Rabbit as part of the 2019 High Performance Rodeo.


FEBRUARY 11 - MARCH 2, 2019

Created & Performed by Bruce Horak        Directed by Ryan Gladstone                 

Bruce Horak is a critically acclaimed visual artist, actor and playwright who also lives with just 9% of his vision. In this, his one-man tour-de-force performance, Horak delves into the mysterious death of famous Canadian painter Tom Thomson and the subsequent rise of the Group of 7. Art, politics, ambition, love and murder all take the stage in Horak’s compelling work. As he explores the facts and fictions around Thomson’s death, Horak shares his own story and the unique way in which he sees the world. And if that weren’t enough – while mesmerizing them with his words, Horak paints an original portrait of the audience at every show.


APRIL 1 - 20, 2019

Written by Scott Brown & Anthony King      Directed by Samantha MacDonald             

Have you ever had a dream? Have you ever wanted something so badly you’ll do anything to get it? Bud and Deb are aspiring playwrights and they’re about to give the performance of their lives. This is a backer’s audition, and in a desperate, bravely hopeful bid to fulfil their ill-advised dreams of a Broadway production, Bud and Deb, with an overwhelming supply of enthusiasm will sing all the songs and play all the parts in their “big splashy” musical about Johann Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press. Will they land a backer? Will all their dreams come true?
Gutenberg! The Musical! is a raucous spoof of all things musical and is guaranteed to mildly offend everyone equally.


MAY 6 - MAY 11, 2019

Following the final show of our season we will once again present the work of an aspiring, up and coming young director. The Emerging Director’s Showcase is a unique opportunity for Lunchbox Theatre to provide mentorship to an emerging Calgary artist, and for our audiences to have the opportunity to see the work of a Calgary’s next great director.


MAY 24 - JUNE 8, 2019

For more than 30 years Lunchbox Theatre has been dedicated to the creation, development and production of new Canadian one-act plays, many of which have gone on to great acclaim after their premiere on our stage.

Come and be a part of the process of creation. Attend the free workshop readings and help us shape the new plays that will grace the Lunchbox stage in years to come.