6 Guitars

By Chase Padgett & Jay Hopkins                             Directed by Jay Hopkins

6 Styles - 6 Characters - 1 Performer

In January we will partner with the High Performance Rodeo to present the award-winning 6 Guitars. Written and performed by Chase Padgett,                6 Guitars is a pitch perfect blend of music, comedy, and characters. In a virtuosic performance, Chase Padgett becomes 6 different guitar players each with their own distinct voice, views, and musical style. Each of the characters (ranging from a 19 year old rock prodigy to an 87 year old blues man) share their journey with music, from discovery to mastery, through songs and stories that leaves every audience laughing, crying, and falling in love with music all over again. 

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Performer - Chase Padgett


Creative Team

Playwright - Chase Padgett           Stage Manager - Emma Brager     Production Design - Dave Smith




Monday                12 PM                                                 Tuesday              12 PM                                                 Wednesday         12 PM                                                 Thursday             12 PM & 6 PM                                   Friday                    12 PM & 6 PM                                 Saturday              12 PM                                                 Sunday                 Closed

Student Matinees: January 23


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