After Jerusalem

By Aaron Bushkowsky                                     Directed by Mark Bellamy       

A romantic blend of comedy, travel and Hollywood movies.

A down-on-her-luck middle-aged school teacher tried to find love in Israel by pretending to be a famous actress. When she runs into an ambitious scriptwriter soldier with many tall tales to tell, their lives intertwine and change forever. Romance, intrigue, and a smattering of old movies turn this heartfelt comedy into a quirky love story where anything can happen!


Carol - Kira Bradley             Vladimir - David Sklar


Creative Team

Playwright - Aaron Bushkowsky                 Director - Mark Bellamy                                         RBC Emerging Director - Paul Welch                      Stage Manager - Ashley Rees                        Scenic Design - Dave Smith                             Costume Design - Rebecca Toon                         Lighting Design - Dave Smith                         Sound Design - Chad Blain


Monday               12 PM                                         Tuesday              12 PM                                              Wednesday       12 PM                                        Thursday            12 PM & 6 PM                                Friday                   12 PM & 6 PM                                   Saturday              12 PM                                              Sunday                Closed


"He's an aspiring screenwriter, and when she pretends to be a famous Canadian actress there is only one way this story can unfold."

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"Romantic comedy After Jerusalem at Lunchbox Theatre a real prize."

Calgary Herald, Read Review Here                            FOUR STARS


"It's a dandy little romantic comedy by Vancouver playwright Aaron Bushkowsky given a dynamite staging by Mark Bellamy that features two priceless performances"

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