Lunchbox Theatre

April 29 — May 18, 2013

Almost a Love Story

A World Premiere Drama

Directed by Pamela Halstead

SHOWTIMES : Monday to Saturday at 12:10 pm, "Happy Hour" Friday at 6:10 pm and "Date Night" Saturday at 7:30 pm

Play Details

David is survived by his loving wife and adoring son … and by his lover, Callum. David’s son strives to find out who his father really was and what this means to his own identity and his understanding of love and family.

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Teachers: Download Study Guide

Download Study Guide

We've prepared a study guide for Almost a Love Story that teachers can use to prepare their students to see the production. It includes information about the play, about Louis B. Hobson the playwright, about the Shakespeare references in the show, as well as activities for after the students have seen the production.



Lunchbox Theatre
160 - 115 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Cast List

Ellie - Lindsay Burns
David - Christopher Hunt
Henry - Hal Kerbes 
Daniel - Joe Perry
Callum - Frank Zotter

Production Team

Playwright - Louis B. Hobson
Director - Pamela Halstead
Assistant Director - Valmain Goggin
Set and Lighting Design - Scott Reid
Costume Design - Julia Wasilewski
Sound Design - Dewi Wood
Stage Manager - Emma Brager 

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