Artistic Producer Job Summary and Description

Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary, Alberta is pleased to invite applications for the position of Artistic Producer. We are looking for a dynamic, innovative and collaborative leader who will build on Lunchbox Theatre’s legacy and advance the company’s focus on developing and producing exceptional one-act plays.

Job Summary

Company Description:

From a foundation of noon-hour performances, Lunchbox Theatre strives to create, produce and disseminate original one-act plays, with a focus on new Canadian works, which examine and explore socially relevant issues in a contemporary context. We strive for a balance between works that reflect our audience and their particular world and those that aim to take the audience to a different place and open their eyes to fresh experiences and new understandings.

Now in its 44th season, Lunchbox Theatre produces six to eight shows per season, runs the RBC Emerging Director program, and produces the three-week Stage One Festival of New Canadian Work, and a touring production, Lunchbox To Go. The theatre has an annual operating budget of approximately $875,000, a staff of 8, and manages its own 105-seat venue at the base of the Calgary Tower. Lunchbox is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, operating under the Canadian Theatre Agreement, and offers employment to over 100 artists each season and reaches an audience of 16 to 19,000 each year.

Summary of Position:

Beginning in July 2019, the Artistic Producer will be responsible for managing both the daily operations of the theatre, as well as the artistic and financial leadership of the organization. She/he will work with the Board and staff to fulfill the mission and policies of Lunchbox Theatre.

The ideal candidate will have a history of artistic accomplishment and leadership in theatre, exceptional communications skills, and clearly demonstrated enthusiasm for the challenge of developing and producing excellent theatre. The candidate must demonstrate the ability to work in a collaborative, creative environment. Experience in financial management in non-profit arts, knowledge of the Calgary theatre community, and a strong background in theatre development is essential.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  • Championing the long-term artistic policy and vision of Lunchbox Theatre

  • Preparing and managing budgets and reporting to the Board on a monthly basis

  • Programming and producing a full season of quality productions plus ancillary activities, including selecting artists and creative teams

  • Grant writing at all levels, leading development and fundraising efforts

  • Maintaining positive relationships with core funders, sponsors and donors

  • ·Overseeing production, marketing, box office and audience services

  • Maintaining Lunchbox’s excellent relations with the audience and community at large

  • Seeking opportunities to reach new and diverse audiences

  • To be the public face of the company and advocate on its behalf in local and national arenas

  • Building relationships and developing partnerships with a variety of organizations

General Qualifications and Skills:

  • Proven financial management and experience working within a balanced budget and maintaining a financially healthy professional theatre

  • History of artistic accomplishment and ability to develop the artistic vision of the company

  • The ability to provide inspirational leadership

  • The ability to motivate and build strong relationships with staff, artists, audience, and Board members

  • An understanding of the complex relationship between financial management and artistic integrity, and how to create and implement a strategy that marries the two components, ensuring the artistic excellence, future growth and sustainability of Lunchbox Theatre

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills

  • Experience producing professional theatre and managing a professional theatre company

  • Proven skill in working with funders

  • Strong experience with human resource management including creative and production teams and mentoring artists

Full Job Description

Primary Focus:

Working within the artistic and business mandate, the Artistic Producer is responsible for providing the artistic and administrative direction necessary for the successful operation of Lunchbox Theatre.|

Reports to:

Chair of the Board of Directors on all matters and to the Executive and Board of Directors when required and as per the Bylaws of the Society.

Specific Accountabilities:

1)      Artistic

The Artistic Producer identifies a philosophical and practical artistic mandate for Board approval and produces theatre according to this philosophy.  The Artistic Producer is responsible for:

  • Mandate:

    • Ensuring that all productions are consistent with the aims and policies of the Theatre

    • Making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding long range artistic policy

    • Fostering the continued growth and development of artistic excellence within the Theatre

  • Season:

    • Selecting a season of varied plays, ancillary events and activities which fulfill the Theatre’s mandate

    • Scheduling  and attending auditions

    • Keeping abreast of theatre trends and activities locally, nationally and internationally, searching for new scripts, contacting playwrights and agents, successfully negotiating for rights

    • Ensuring Stage One is programmed through democratic competition and ensuring the program reaches across Canada

  • Artistic personnel management:

    • Auditioning, interviewing and hiring all technical and artistic personnel

    • Orienting all artistic and non-artistic personnel regarding the Theatre’s artistic goals and objectives

    • Providing leadership through communication and cooperation among artistic personnel and staff

    • Ensuring that guest directors adhere to the Theatre’s mandate

2)      Financial

The Artistic Producer will prepare the annual operating budget for the theatre for approval by the Board, and is responsible for management of the budget and reporting of all financial aspects of Lunchbox Theatre, including monthly reporting to the Board. The Artistic Producer is responsible for:

  • ·         Accounting:

    • Hiring & supervising accounting staff and consultants

    • Provide monthly cash flow statements, projections, and budget comparisons to the Board

    • Monitor and control revenues and expenditures to ensure that the budgetary guidelines are maintained

    • Identify potential problems, concerns and shortfalls, and recommend, in a timely manner, solutions to the Treasurer and the Board

  • ·         Banking:

    • Maintain control of all banking activities and line of credit

    • Liaise with Bank Manager

    • Have signing authority for all cheques

    • Oversee all accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, issuance of tax receipts

    • Coordinate and work with the Auditors annually

    • Perform other banking and finance-related duties

3)      Liaison with Board of Directors

The Artistic Producer communicates with and reports to the Board of Directors, and specifically the Chair, on a regular basis, and participates at Board meetings as an ex-officio member.

The Artistic Producer is responsible for executing the strategic plan. She/he will propose strategies to strengthen strategic direction and policy no less than annually. She/he is responsible for evaluating the degree to which the long-term artistic goals and objectives are being met, in conjunction with the Board of Directors.

The Artistic Producer is responsible for organizing the Annual General Meeting each year, including all notices to theatre membership, arranging date, time and venue and ensuring quorum is achieved.

4)      Administration

The AP will be responsible for the management of all administrative aspects of theatre operations.

  • Day to day:

    • The Artistic Producer will act as office manager and has the authority for the signing of contracts and purchases and maintenance of all equipment

    • Negotiates agreements (rental, insurance, etc) for theatre facilities and equipment in keeping with policies on signing authority

    • Hires all staff subject to Lunchbox Theatre hiring policies

    • Is responsible for all performance reviews and salary adjustments

    • Creates and signs all employment contracts

    • Maintains manuals and recommends change to policies as necessary

    • Oversees all facilities operations in conjunction with the Production Manager

    • Oversees all Box Office and Audience Services operations

  • ·         Seasonal:

    • Creates and manages season schedule, in conjunction with the Production Manager

    • Negotiates all production contracts (actors, directors, designers)

    • Is responsible for all communications with all professional associations (CAEA, PACT, ADC, PGC etc.)

    • Acquires performance and music rights on behalf of the Theatre

5)      Fund Development, Marketing and Ambassadorship

The Artistic Producer will play a leadership role in promoting Lunchbox Theatre. She/he will build positive relationships with funding sources, sponsors, patrons, employees, performing arts groups, volunteers and other stakeholders. The Artistic Producer is also responsible for:

  • Fund Development:

    • Writing and submitting all grant applications

    • Working with the Board and staff on all fundraising and sponsorship initiatives

    • Taking the lead on all fund development initiatives

    • Providing direction and support to marketing staff

    • Reporting to public and private partners including AFA, CADA, Canada Council for the Arts, etc.

  • Marketing:

    • Works with the Director of Marketing on all promotional and communications needs

    • Participates in interviews, photos and television as necessary

    • Responsible for approval of all official external communications such as press releases, web site messages, programs, letters to sponsors and patrons

  • Ambassadorship:

    • Oversee audience development, public relations and community outreach

    • Will provide direction and support to staff responsible for Box Office, Marketing and fund development

    • Will assist Audience Services Manager as necessary with volunteer management and appreciation

Application Process

To apply please email, in PDF format only, a current CV with cover letter outlining your qualifications for the position and salary expectations, along with two professional references to:

This is a full-time, salaried position. Application deadline is 15 March 2019. We thank all who apply, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.