Lunchbox Theatre

Apr 28 — May 17 2014

Bingo Ladies

Directed by Pamela Halstead

SHOWTIMES : Monday to Saturday at 12:10 pm, "Happy Hour" Friday at 6:10 pm and "Date Night" Saturday at 7:30 pm

Play Details

Bingo is serious business. Rituals, good luck charms, superstitions. Friday night at the bingo hall is sacred. But are our three intrepid bingo ladies addicts, or just enthusiastic? How far are they willing to go to win? Bingo Ladies explores their lives with rousing musical numbers and shows us the humanity of the bingo hall.


Lunchbox Theatre
160 - 115 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Cast List

Katherine Fadum -  Sandi
Elinor Holt - Carol
Esther Purves-Smith - Irene
Joe Perry - Bingo caller

Production Team

Grant Tilly -  Book, Music and Lyrics
Pamela Halstead -  Director
Tom Doyle - Musical Direction
Evan Mounce - Alternate Accompanist
Glenda Stirling - Choreography
Scott Reid - Set and Lighting Design
Rebecca Toon - Costume Design
Andrew Kerr - Sound Design
Jennifer Shaw - Stage Manager

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