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Mar 31 — Apr 19 2014

Dad, Day 1

Directed by Rebecca Northan

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SHOWTIMES : Monday to Saturday at 12:10 pm, "Happy Hour" Friday at 6:10 pm and "Date Night" Saturday at 7:30 pm

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Standing in the hospital parking lot after the birth of his first child, the full force of life's Big Questions hit him in the face: What had he got himself into? Should he call his parents and apologize? And most importantly: Where did he park the car? Dave explores the awe and terror of being a new father as he re-examines his own upbringing in a conservative Catholic family, his perception of parenthood as a kid, and the eternal battle to not become your parents. 


Review by Louis Hobson - Calgary Sun
"There are few greater favours you can do yourself than join Dave and share these special memories with him but he is only at Lunchbox until April 19 and I have a feeling once word gets out Dad, Day 1 is going to become one of the hottest tickets in town".
Dave Kelly's new one-man show Dad, Day 1 nothing short of astonishing 


Review by Jenna Shummoogum -
Lunchbox Theatre’s ‘Dad, Day 1′ is a heartfelt story 

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Preview by Stephen Hunt - Calgary Herald
Dave Kelly enters the ‘dad zone’ in new play

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Short interview with Dave Kelly

Preview by  Calgary Herald ( video)
One-man show Dad, Day 1 to premier at Lunchbox Theatre

Babes, Boobs & Beaus

on Monday April 7

The baby friendly Dad, Day 1 show is on Monday, April 7 12.10 pm.  

Moms and dads can bring their little babies to the show!

Please note:
* Only the little ones that aren’t mobile yet can be brought to the show. Otherwise they might just want to crawl on stage to play with Dave.
* During the show please carry your baby on your lap/chest to create as many seats as possible.




Lunchbox Theatre
160 - 115 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Cast List

Dave Kelly - Dave

Production Team

Dave Kelly -Playwright
Rebecca Northan - Director 
Jason Mancini - Assistant Director 
Ellis Lalonde- Sound Design 
Terry Gunvordahl - Set and Lighting design 
Ashley Rees - Stage manager

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