RBC Emerging Director’s Showcase

Introducing Calgary’s next great director RBC emerging director’s showcase!

The RBC Emerging Director’s Showcase is where many early career directors get their first experience. After working on at least three productions during the season, the RBC Emerging Director will direct a one-act play of their choosing.

Come and see the work of Calgary’s newest director!

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Thirty-something couple Rob and Chris have the “perfect” childless marriage – complete with passion, excitement and pleasure. Six years ago however, Rob and Chris were Bobby and Tina. Bobby and Tina started dating in high school. They were each other’s first date, first kiss, first love. But in their Grade 12 year, Tina got pregnant and their world changed. Funny and remarkably touching, this innovative new play explores the struggles, battles, love and laughter that long-term relationships are built on.



 Rob -Curt Mckinstry                                           Chris - Cheryl Hutton

Creative Team

 Playwright - Collin Doyle                              Director - Jenna Rodgers                                  Stage Manager - Donna Sharpe                          Scenic & Costume Designer - Jennifer Lee Arsenault                                                              Lighting Designer - Dave Smith                                  Sound Designer - Anton deGroot                             


We have changed our showtimes to:

Thursday        12 PM & 6 PM
Friday               12 PM & 6 PM


"Emerging Director delves into relationship drama at Lunchbox Theatre"

Calgary Herald, Read Article Here


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Posted on July 14, 2015 .