RBC Emerging Director's Program

Art, in its every form, is what makes our community vibrant. The RBC Emerging Artists Project was built on that belief. Our investment in the arts is about one thing: helping give artists every opportunity possible to showcase their creativity and talent. We are proud to be a long-time supporter of the Lunchbox Theatre and the many talented directors, actors and producers that make it the best place to spend your lunch-hour.  
-Jerilynn Daniels, RBC Foundation

The 2016/2017 Season

The  2016-2017 Emerging Director is Paul Welch. 

Over the past decade, since graduating from the University of Alberta’s BFA Acting Program, I have been welcomed into the professional theatre community of Calgary as an actor and theatre maker. I have been working hard to deepen my craft and understanding of performance in the theatre, not only as an actor, writer, coach, educator and arts administrator, but more recently as a director, too. I have found that each element of this profession has strengthened the entirety of my skillset in unforeseen ways: how we tell stories, how to be theatrically viable, and how we engage with audiences and communities to create memorable experiences that go beyond simply “seeing a play.”

This is undeniably thrilling to me.

Over the past four years as I have begun to step into the world of theatre direction, I have found myself hungry for more – to strengthen my understanding of a director’s craft, her vision, his process, and the unique talent in facilitating artists and designers and technicians in the creation of a piece of theatre that entertains, moves, and impacts our audiences in unexpected ways. I yearn to create theatre that lives with us long after the lights come down, that spurn discussion between family and friends, which challenge us to question what we know, and to understand more fully what it is that makes us human.

The 2016/17 RBC Emerging Director position at Lunchbox Theatre is undeniably the perfect playground to feed this hunger, to acquire a breadth of understanding that will enrichen the work that I endeavour to bring to our stages.

This season, I have the great privilege of mentoring under the best of the best: Mark Bellamy, Craig Hall, Samantha MacDonald, and Valerie Pearson. Each project will expose me to a uniquely different theatrical style and approach, and provide me with a well-rounded immersion into the craft of performance from a director’s viewpoint. At the end of the season, I will have the opportunity to meld what I have learned with my own evolving approach and aesthetic to showcase the culmination of my growth and experience at Lunchbox Theatre.

I am incredibly grateful for the vision that organizations like RBC and Lunchbox Theatre have when it comes to cultivating and supporting the next generation of creative talent, and I cannot wait to dive in, to dig deep, to be challenged, to grow, and to share everything that I have learned.

- Paul Welch RBC Emerging Director, 2016-17

The 2017/2018 Season

Applications for our 2017/18 Season are not open. Please check back in the Spring of 2017 for more details.  

Further inquiries may be addressed to Mark Bellamy, Artistic Producer at: mark.bellamy@lunchboxtheatre.com