World Premiere

By Dave Kelly
With music by Tim Williams
Directed by Christopher Hunt

Dave Kelly returns to Lunchbox!

A middle-aged man tries to salvage his dreams and his family during the most relaxing, peaceful, loving season of the year. A time when we ask – “WHY ARE WE GOING TO A CHRISTMAS PAGEANT?!! Oh. Sorry.” 

Dave Kelly’s new show takes a humorous, contemporary spin on following your star to find the answers in life.

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Steve - Dave Kelly
Danny -  Tim Williams

Creative Team

Playwright - Dave Kelly
Director  - Christopher Hunt                             RBC Emerging Director /  Dramaturg  - Jenna Rodgers
Stage Manager - Justin Born
Scenic Design - Leon Schwesinger
Costume Design - Rebecca Toon
Lighting Design - JP Thibodeau



We have changed our showtimes to:

Monday           12  PM       
Tuesday          12  PM
Wednesday    12 PM
Thursday        12 PM & 6 PM
Friday               12 PM & 6 PM
Saturday         12 PM
Sunday            Closed


"Stopping at mid-life to ask what's the point of it all? So is Dave Kelly in his latest show"

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"Dave Kelly's Epiphany at Lunchbox Theatre explores a mid-life turned upside down"

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"Dave Kelly shines bright in Epiphany"

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"...was there ever any doubt that Dave Kelly would find the way to give the city a holiday show that's as heartfelt as it is hilarious?"

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Posted on July 14, 2015 .