Monday - Saturday @ 12PM
Thursday - Friday @ 6PM

Bud and Deb are aspiring playwrights about to give the performance of their lives. It’s a backer’s audition, and in a desperate, bravely hopeful bid to fulfill their dreams of a Broadway production, Bud and Deb, with an overwhelming supply of enthusiasm will sing all the songs and play all the parts in their “big splashy” musical about Johann Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press. Will all their dreams come true? Gutenberg! The Musical! is a raucous spoof of all things musical and is guaranteed to mildly offend everyone equally.


Daniel Fong - Bud Davenport
Katharine Zaborsky - Deb Simon


Anthony King & Scott Brown - Playwrights
Samantha MacDonald - Director
Konrad Pluta - Musical Director
Lisa Russell - Stage Manager
Derek Paulich - Production Design

“A smashing success! Scott Brown and Anthony King are superb comic writers.”
— The New York Times