Lest We Forget

World Premiere



Created by JP Thibodeau & Joe Slabe                        Directed by JP Thibodeau                               Musical direction by Joe Slabe

Music and history come together to celebrate our National pride! 

In November we will continue our tradition of celebrating the efforts of our veterans and military personnel with a new creation entitled Lest We Forget. Using music and song to journey from WWI to the present day, this show examines the lives of soldiers, their families, and the way our lives are changed by war. Featuring original songs from a multitude of Canadian composers, Lest We Forget will be a musical ride through time that honours all that makes us proud to be Canadian.

Co-production with 



Eric Wigston                                    Elinor Holt                                    Selina Wong


Creative Team

Creators - JP Thibodeau & Joe Slabe                   Director & Projection Design - JP Thibodeau       Musical Director - Joe Slabe                                   Stage Manager - Ailsa Birnie                                     Scenic Design - Julia Wasilewski                           Costume Design - Julia Wasilewski                       Lighting Design - Lisa Floyd                                       Choreographer - Lauren Thompson     Videographer - Kris Mish   


Monday               12 PM                                         Tuesday              12 PM                                              Wednesday       12 PM                                        Thursday            12 PM & 6 PM                                Friday                   12 PM & 6 PM                                   Saturday              12 PM                                              Sunday                Closed

Student Matinees: October 25 & November 8


"A theatrical celebration of Canada's Veterans."

Calgary Herald, Read Article Here


"JP Thibodeau didn't want to create a memorial he wanted to create a show celebrating everyone affected by war."

Calgary Metro, Read Article Here


"That's what makes this show really different: everything is based on a true story."

Swerve, Read Article Here

"...A heartfelt tribute to Canada's soldiers, past and present."                                                                    4 STARS

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"...A gorgeous tribute to our veterans."

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