Lunchbox Theatre

December 3 — 22, 2012

OH! Christmas Tree

A World Premiere Comedy

Directed by Glenda Stirling

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SHOWTIMES : Monday to Saturday at 12:10 pm, "Happy Hour" Friday at 6:10 pm and "Date Night" Saturday at 7:30 pm

Play Details

Lucy and Algar are madly in love and planning their wedding when they realize that their holiday traditions (or lack thereof) may be a deal breaker. Will they be able to find common ground as they navigate the most volatile season of the year?

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Lunchbox Theatre
160 - 115 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Cast List

Algar - Cameron Ascroft
Lucy - Kira Bradley

Production Team

Playwright - Conni Massing
Director - Glenda Stirling
Set and Lighting Design - Terry Gunvordahl
Sound Design - Anton de Groot 
Costume Design - Deitra Kalyn
Stage Manager - Tuled Giovanazzi 

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