Suncor Stage One Festival


Three weeks of endless possibilities.

Through the Suncor Stage One Festival, Lunchbox Theatre has become Canada’s leading development source and producer of one-act plays. At the end of each season, Lunchbox Theatre holds a series of staged readings of new works and invites audience members to give feedback during a discussion period.

Free Admission

Announcing the Suncor Stage One 2016 Festival of New Work!

After reviewing the 100 submissions to the Suncor Stage One Festival this year our reading and selection committee are pleased to announce the nine scripts selected for this year’s Festival.

Each script will receive a weeklong workshop, which culminates in a free public reading during the month of June. Seven scripts will be receiving their initial workshop as part of Stage One and two scripts that have been premiered at Lunchbox will be developed into expanded versions as part of Stage Two.

Readings will take place Fridays and Saturdays, June 10 &  11, 17 & 18, 24 &  25.

The schedule for 2016 is:


Friday, June 10, 12:00pmSpeed Dating for Sperm Donors                                  by Natalie Meisner (Calgary, AB) - STAGE TWO WORKSHOP                                    directed by Pamela Halstead                                                                                              featuring Julie Orton, Christian Goutsis, Mark Bellamy, & Makambe Simamba

Friday, June 10, 6:00pm - Girl Crush                                                                                by Sharron Matthews (Toronto, ON)                                                                  directed by Mark Bellamy                                                                                    featuring Sharron Matthews & Vincent Bundick

Saturday, June 11, 12:00pm - Flight Risk                                                                          by Meg Braem (Calgary, AB)                                                                                         directed by Samantha MacDonald                                                                                   featuring Chris Hunt, Anna Cummer & Kira Bradley



Friday, June 17, 12:00pm - Ai Yah! Sweet and Sour Secrets                                    by Dale Lee Kwong (Calgary, AB)                                                                         directed by Trevor Rueger                                                                                            featuring Ali DeRegt, Julie Orton, Chantelle Han & Mike Tan

Friday, June 17, 6:00pm - Fritters in Kandahar                                                         by Peter Boychuk (Vancouver, BC) - STAGE TWO WORKSHOP                 directed by Katrina Dunn                                                                                             featuring Amy Sawka, Stafford Perry, Elinor Holt, Braden Griffiths

Saturday, June 18, 12:00pm - Don't Call Me Mama: A Cass Elliot Cabaret    by Gordon Portman (Brandon, MB)                                                                    directed by Mark Bellamy                                                                                     featuring Elizabeth Stepkowski



Friday, June 24, 12:00pm - Lest We Forget                                                                     created by JP Thibodeau & Joe Slabe (Calgary, AB)                                 directed by JP Thibodeau, Musical Direction by Joe Slabe                          featuring Elinor Holt, Selina Wong, Christian Goutsis

Friday, June 24, 6:00pm - Waiting Room                                                                     by James Wade (Calgary, AB)                                                                                         directed by Valmai Goggin                                                                                    featuring Braden Griffiths, Arielle Rombough

Saturday, June 25, 12:00pmNever Let The Crew See You Cry                             by Linda Wood Edwards (Edmonton, AB)                                                      directed by Karen Johnson Diamond                                                                    featuring Carly McKee, Braden Griffiths, Arielle Rombough




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