The Exquisite Hour


By Stewart Lemoine                                                     Directed by Samantha MacDonald

How can you tell when you're having the best hour of your life?

The year is 1962, the season is summer and Mrs. Darimont has boldy penetrated the pleasant backyard of bachelor Zachary Teale late in the afternoon, to politely ask him for an hour of his time. What ensues is a heartfelt, funny and touching hour of a blossoming relationship, the pursuit of knowledge and the discovery of hope. 


Helen Darimont - Barbara Gates Wilson               Zachary Teale - Curt Mckinstry


Creative Team

Playwright - Stewart Lemoine                     Director - Samantha MacDonald                           RBC Emerging Director - Paul Welch                    Stage Manager - Ailsa Birnie                           Scenic Design - Terry Gunvordahl             Costume Design - Julia Wasilewski                 Sound Design - Aidan Lytton                                      Lighting Design - Terry Gunvordahl            Design Assistant - Skylar Desjardins


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