Our Supporters - Thank You

Lunchbox Theatre truly values our government supporters, corporate partners and donors who contribute to our many successes. Their support enables us to create, produce, educate and share professional one-act theatre with thousands each year.  






Arts Champions
Over $5000

A.J. Brown
Jacqueline Flanagan
Frederick Kozak
Janine LaBossiere
Rozsa Foundation
Clarice A. Siebens

$1000 - $4,999

John (Jock) Abra
Axia Supernet Ltd.
David & Diana Ballard
Philip E. Carr & Linda F. Carr
Harry & Martha Cohen Foundation
Marilyn & Mark Brown Fund
Shirley Davis
Calgary Foundation
Neal Halstead & Joe Slabe
Myrna Horak
Dale Lee Kwong
Kristine Langlois
Joanne Manser
Aaron McLeod
Brian Mills & Susan Tyrell
David & Paula Neice
Jock & Diana Osler
Mary Ann Smith
David J. Wachowich

Lead Actors
$500 - $999

Sharon Heinrichs
Duval Lang

Supporting Roles
$250 - $499

Robert Hansell
Peter & Lorraine Moore
Sharon #1 Office Services Ltd
Alane Smith
Susan & Mark Wittrup

Ensemble Member
$100 - $249

Leslie Andes
Jenny Belzberg
Carol Blades
J Brigden
Vivian Chant
Cheryl Cohen

Maureen Cook
Dr. Patricia N. Courtright
Andrea & Laurence Davis
Gloria Filyk
Edna & Stu Foundation for Fun
Elinor Holt
Shirley M. Jones
Kenneth & Barb King
Denise Kisilevich
Jim and Margaret Latimer
Tanis Lefroy
Marie Lychak
Heather MacLellan
Harvey Edward Martens
Donna McDonald
Outi McEachern
Neil McMullen
Annette Milbradt
Marilyn Olynek
Helen Perry
Nellie Pintus
Merilyn Potts
Sam & Marianne Safton
Betty Schultz
Alane E. Smith
Colleen & William Tobman
Mary Rozsa de Coquet
The Weber Family
Marc Wachmann

Theatre Fans
Up to $99

Patricia Abbott
Sharon Allen
Jaqui & Brent Anderson
Julianne Barlow
Mark Bellamy
Valerie Beyer
Barry Borkowski
Claire Bourret
James Edward Bradbury
Barb Bryant
Rosemary A. Burns
Ilona Carroll
Marj Challand
Linda A. Charlton
Carmen Cheng
Mary Cheriton
Steve & Carole Clement
Nancy Connors
June Murray
Bianca Dang

Ute Davies
Irene Deboni
Donna D. Dempsey
Joyce Derwee
Jane Eddison
Jennifer Edinga
Linda Ehman
Terri Eide
Susan Eng-Chiew
Sandra M. Ens
Verlyn Feist
Tom & Debbie Fellows
Terry Forkheim
Shirley A. Fraser
J Gilmour
Dianne Goodman
E. Alana Gowdy
Frances Hagedorn
Colleen Marie Hann
Brian Harrington
Robin Herbert
Brenda Hocking
Elizabeth Hughes
Laurie Irwin
Verness Jespersen
Christoper Lee Jost
Rosalie Karpinka
Theresa M. Keelan
Mabel & Fritz Kiessling
Donald Kozak
Morgan Larson
Andy Lees
Brandon Leitch
Claire Logan
Susan MacAlister
Aileen MacDonald
Sheila Morgan
Beverly MacLeod
Bill McIntyre
Catherine McKercher
Donna McPherson
Alison Miller
Lori Moch
Laurie Morrison
Rossbina Nathoo
Sheila Navrady
Janice Nelson
Scott Olynek
Faye Osiowy
Donna Oswell
Allison Padoani
Carolyn Peters
Marian Peterson

Margaret Peyto
Karen Phillips
Collin & Susan Pritchard
Linda Read
Adam RichardsonBill Richardson
Roberta Robinson
Steven B. Rosendorff
Marla Jane Rotnem
Carissa Sams
Colleen Ann Sansom
Carl Schatz
Sigrid Schmidt
Jo-Ann Schwartzenberger
Jacqueline Shaw
Hal & Marj Siddall
Kim Sirr
Colleen Smith
Lorraine Spector
Kara Sturk
Chris T. Tanner
Meredith Taylor-Parry
Carol CAT Thompson
Rod & Betty Todd
Carol Tracey
Susan Turner
Jay van Nieuwstadt
Marilyn Jeanne Warne
Donnelle Watson
Brent White
Kate Wiley
Leonard Winzinowich
Cj Wiseman
Roxanne Wong
Heather Worton
Michael Kim Zapf

Thank you to all of our annonymous donors for their contribution and support.


Donors current as of 02/05/2019 - Donations made through ATB Cares will be in the playbill one month after the donation has been made.